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Fri - 05 Apr 2019 - 03:36 AM ،،،

The Yemeni Ministry of Defense's official website 'September Net' reported that the Arab Coalition fighters jets targeted on Thursday evening military reinforcements belonging to the Houthi militia in Ibb province central the country.

The coalition air raids targeted massive reinforcements sent to back Houthi militants in the warfronts in Al-Dhale province. Scores of Houthi insurgents were killed and injured in addition to destroying several combat vehicles.

September Net also reported that dozens of Iran-backed Houthi have been killed and injured on Thursday in artillery shelling and air strikes in the northern province of Sa’ada

The national army forces shelled positions and crowds of Houthi militia in Shada border district, destroying combat vehicles and equipment.

In Baqem district, Arab coalition conducted the rebels’ sites and militants north of Sa’ada. The raids killed and wounded number of Houthi militia, and destroyed vehicles carrying ammunition and weapons.

Elsewhere, the coalition warplanes targeted Houthi militia elements and reinforcements in the southern province of Al-Dhale.

The coalition strikes left several deaths and injuries in the ranks of the militia. It also destroyed a war tanks and two combat vehicles.