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 The spokesman of Arab Coalition said the coalition forces continue to destroy qualitative capabilities of the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

Col. Turkey Al-Maliki said in press conference held on Monday night in Riyadh that the coalition destroyed two caves used by the militia as store drones eastern Sana’a, and three ballistic missile launch pads along with BADR missiles in Saada province.

Turki Al-Malki said the militia was planning to use the drones hidden in the caves for “terrorist operations". Last week’s raid was part of previous military operations which started in January and targeted Houthi drone networks and foreign experts helping the militants.

The spokesman confirmed the coalition’s keenness to take measures for ensuring civilians and children protection during targeting positions of Houthi militia.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition will launch a UN-sponsored global initiative to support children affected by the war in Yemen, reported the Saudi Press Agency.

Coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al-Maliki said that efforts are underway between Saudi Arabia, the UN and some members of the alliance to launch the initiative this month. It will focus on reintegrating children affected by war into society.

Col. Al-Maliki pointed out that the Houthi militia continues its violations against children through recruiting them and send them to battlefields.

According to UN rights reports, the Houthis are accused of recruiting more than 24,000 children, he charged.

He revealed that 113 children affected by the Yemen war have been rehabilitated by the coalition and returned to their families through the legitimate Yemeni government and the International Committee of the Red Cross.

On military development, the spokesman said that in last two weeks, Houthi militia lost 1132 militants in fighting and 348 positions and combat vehicles.