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 A number of Houthi militants, captured two days ago by the national army in the  front of Bani Hasan in Hajjah, revealed how they were recruited to fight alongside the rebel militia.

In video footage released by the army’s 7th Military Zone, the militia war-prisoners are telling about how Houthi rebels forced them to fight in their ranks under death threats and abduction.

“They( the militia) told us we won’t receive any salary if we don’t come to Dhamar province to meet a committee before moving to Sana’a”, one of the prisoners appears speaking in the video.

Mohammed Hamud Al-Hadad, who was former army soldier, added that the rebel militia ” took us forcefully without our consent, forced us to  attend some courses before deploying us on the front lines in the west coast.”

Another prisoner by the name Abdu Saleh said “most of civilians were displaced because of the militia, and that many of them were kidnapped illegally,”

The widely-circulated video shows how most of those war-prisoners recruited by Houthi militia are still young. It also proves violations has been committed against children by the militia who forced them to the battlefronts.