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Sun - 31 Mar 2019 - 07:13 PM ،،،

 Workers of Aden Radio and Television mobilized in large numbers today in front of the radio and television building in Aden. The Workers staged a protest against the unjustified shut down of Aden Radio and Television Services. 

They stressed the need to return to their work, especially in the light of recent gestures by certain government bodies that they are non-performing employees, a threat to deal with them as surplus labour in a move to lay them off. Something categorically rejected by the workers who consider it as a violation of their right, guaranteed by the Constitution, all international conventions and human rights.

Today's protest is the 13th of its kind to demand the return of Aden Radio and Television Services and to get back to work.

The protesters sent messages and memos to the President, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Director of Aden Security streesed the need to allow workers to enter the Radio and television building for doing their job.

It's worth mentioning that the Director of Aden security, Major General Shalal Ali Shai'a stopped to meet the protesters and to hear directly from them about their demands. Shalal showed his support, affirming the necessity to address the issue and to respond to their ongoing demands, in particular under the stable security situation in Aden.
Photo credit: Abdullah Hajeb