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Fri - 29 Mar 2019 - 03:40 AM ،،،

 The Security Belt Forces foiled on Thursday, a bid to smuggle a shipment of ammunition in Dofas area of Abyan governorate.

The commander of Dofas main checkpoint said that the Security Belt Forces managed to thwart a trafficking operation of 190 ammunition boxes for the Soviet PK and PKM machine guns, adding that the shipment was hidden on Toyota Dyna truck, coming from Marib, on its way to Aden.

He also said that the boxes were hidden in a precise way inside the truck, but the experience of the Security Belt forces at the checkpoint, enabled them to detected and foiled the operation before the smugglers could arrive in Aden.

In the past few months, several smuggling operations of drugs, ammunition and contraband items have been thwarted at the same checkpoint.