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Sat - 23 Mar 2019 - 09:18 PM ،،،

 The Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Saturday evening issued a statement strongly condemning the Islah militias for the assassinations and burning the houses of the people in Taiz governorate.

The statement called on the Arab coalition to speed up the intervention to rescue the innocent people who are victims of the Brotherhood's death machine. The STC  urged human rights organizations and civil society organizations to move and monitor the violations that are taking place in Taiz and demanded that they should be recorded to the international courts as war crimes.

The statement is as follows:

Statement of solidarity with the people of Taiz

The Southern Transitional Council (STC) is following with great concern the actions of the Popular Militias, affiliated to the Yemeni Brotherhood's Islah party, who are violating and murdering their opposers, demolishing and burning civilians homes, and blatantly violating innocent people in Taiz governorate.

The Southern Transitional Council declares its absolute solidarity with the victims of these vicious attacks , the people of Taiz. The STC  holds the Islah party militias the legal and moral responsibility for these crimes. These crimes are a  description of war crimes which have their repercussions in the present and for long term future.

We are calling on organizations Human rights and all civil society organizations to move, monitor and bring to trial the perpetrators of those crimes as human rights crimes that are not subject to the status of limitations.

The STC also reminds the Brotherhood ‘Islah Party’ that their real battle should be against the Houthi militias which are an immediate danger to the entire region, which is only meters away. Their cannons must be directed towards the Houthis, who are living with them peacefully, not against women, children and the elderly.

They should not be directed against the innocent residents, by reaping their souls, burning their homes, displacing them, and humiliating what is remaining of them.

In view of the fact that the Islah militias continue to mobilize its forces; the STC calls on the Arab coalition to speed up the intervention and rescue the innocent people from the ruthless fire and destruction of the Brotherhood.

The STC is placing all its potentials and capabilities under the demand and command of the brothers in the coalition to support the innocent and the weak. The STC calls the international community to break the thorn of every arrogant aggressor.

Our pledge is to win the truth and fight for the innocent people who suffer injustice and murder in their homes. We do not accept it as long as we are able to stop them.

May God accept the martyrs and and grant a speedy recovery to the wounded
Issued by the Southern Transitional Council
23rd March 2019