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Ahmad Alyafee - Theatre Artist - honoured on the World Theatre Day

Sat - 23 Mar 2019 - 06:05 PM ،،،

The local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) in the capital  Aden,  held a special event marking a number of celebrations. The event was titled ‘Loyalty to Our friends – March 25th’.

Dr Abdulnasser Alwali, head of the local leadership of the STC in Aden addressed the event.

A number of honorary speeches were issued, dedicated to celebrating the 4th   anniversary of the launch of Decisive Storm on the 25ht of March, World Mother Day 21st  March and World Theatre Day 27th  March.

Mr Essam Abdo Ali, deputy head of local leaders of the STC  in Aden, delivered a speech in which he said that commemorating Decisive Storm showed the  Southern peoples  loyalty to the coalition and the role and support they played in freeing the southern governorates from the Iranian expansionist project and terrorist.

Essam Abdo thanked and appreciated the Arab coalition countries led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for their military support and their role in the rehabilitating the institutions.

The deputy head of the local leadership of the capital Aden greeted the martyrs’ and wounded soldiers' mothers on the occasion of Mother's Day.

Brigadier Munir Mahmoud Al Yafee (Abu al-Yamamah) delivered a  speech on behalf of the security belt, recalling the fourth anniversary of Decisive Storm against the Houthi militias. He said, ‘The people of the South and its southern resistance were able to win the war with their resolve and the support of the Arab Coalition’.

Abu al-Yamamah thanked the security forces, the Southern Resistance and the support of the Arab coalition from Houf in the east t to Mayoon island in the west.
Abu al-Yamamah greeted all the mothers on the occasion of Mother's Day, stressing that Aden is every southerner's mother. He said, ‘She will always be protected, and that everyone will sacrifice their life for her’.

Head of the Women and Children's department in the local leadership of the STC in Aden, Ms Ishtiaq Mohamad Saad delivered a speech on behalf of the women,  where she congratulated the leaders of the Southern Transitional Council and the Southern people on their achievements in Decisive Storm. She stressed that whatever words she used they will not be good enough to thank the Arab coalition led by the KSA and  UAE for their unconditional support to the southern people. Saad congratulated all the mothers on Mother's Day.

 The event was packed with musical and poetic intervals including short theatrical sketches and other forms of art.

At the end of the ceremony leaders of the Southern, Transition Council honoured a number of southern theatrical artists on the occasion of the World Theatre Day.