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Fri - 22 Mar 2019 - 06:52 PM ،،،


 Houthi militia continues its extensive meetings with community leaders appointed by them in Dhamar province, aiming at mobilizing and recruiting more militants to be sent to the warfronts to fight alongside the rebels.

The Houthi militia issued directives to its “cultural supervisors” to collect fighters from all the city’s districts and from all categories especially children and school boys.

Children and school students have been main focus for Houthi rebels because they find it easy to brainwash their immature minds with the group’s terrorist and ideological and sect thoughts.

When recruiting them, Houthi militia uses all ways namely by force and threat and imprisoning, and then sending these children to deadly fronts fighting along their side against the National Army forces.

Eyewitnesses have reported seen many militia patrols coming out Sport Stadium in the province with fighters on board. Most of these fighters were children who the rebels gathered and washed their brains then sent them to the western coast in Hodeida province, according to the witnesses.