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Fri - 22 Mar 2019 - 05:36 PM ،،،

 The Iran-backed Houthi putschist militia has scaled up its military actions in the governorate of Hodeidah on Friday.

Al-Amalika Media Centre reported that the Houthis used medium weapons and snipers to target al-Amalika positions in Hays district.

The Houthi artillery units also rained down different locations under the control of al-Amalika brigades with dozens of heavy shells on Friday morning, the same source added.

The pro-Iran Houthi rebels escalated their attacks on the military and residential liberated areas of Hodeidah, in defiance of the UN-mediated truce in the province.

Al-Amalika Media Centre said that many innocent people were killed since a shaky ceasefire came into effect last December.