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Thu - 21 Mar 2019 - 09:45 PM ،،،

 The Russian Federation ambassador to Yemen Vladimir Dedushkin met with members of the presidency of the Southern Transitional Council chaired by Dr Muna Basharaheel.

The Russian diplomat expressed his pleasure at the great welcome he received upon his arrival to Aden. He also expressed his appreciation at meeting members of the presidency of the STC.

Deduskin said that his visit coincides with the meeting of the president of the STC Aidros Al Zubaidi and his accompanying delegation in Russia.

Mr Dedushkin pointed out that the meeting between Mr Bagdanov, Putin’s advisor, and  Al Zubaidi is considered a great step in consolidating the relations between the Russian leadership and the Southern Transitional Council. 

On her part, Dr Muna Basharaheel presented a detailed explanation on the STC’s vision confirming that it is a vision shared by the Southern people which is reclaiming their independent state.

She added that the people of the south are eager for freedom and to live in peace on their land. In her presentation, Dr Basharaheel pointed to the previous (Soviet Union ) which supported the southern people in all fields.

Member of the presidency said that president Al Zubaidi handed to the Russian leadership a dossier with the vision of the Southern people.

At the end of the meeting Dr Basharheel and her companions, Lutfi Shatara, Amin Saleh, Nasser Alsadi and Dr Abdulnasser Alwali handed his Excellency Vladimir Dedushkin a token of friendship from the STC.