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Sun - 18 Oct 2020 - 06:04 PM ،،،

 The southern armed forces managed on Sunday, to gain more grounds in the north of al-Dhale governorate.

Military field sources reported that the southern forces made significant strategic advances on the fronts of Morais and took control of al-Arfaf area following a surprise attack on the Houthi positions there.

The same sources added that the southern forces created new checkpoints on the main road of the newly liberated area to secure it against future attacks by the pro-Iran militants.

In another development, the Houthis executed a tribal sheikh in Bait al-Yazidi in fear of the tribes' mutiny against them.

On Saturday night, heavy armed clashes erupted in the north of al-Dhale between that two sides. Several types of weapons, including heavy ones had been used.

Military officials told the press that the Houthis shelled the liberated locations in Hajar area and the southern forces in turn responded to the sources of fire.

Cautious calm had prevailed on all al-Dhale's fronts, in particular in al-Fakher and Habil Abdi before the eruption of Saturday's clashes.