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Fri - 25 Sep 2020 - 12:09 PM ،،،


 Saudi Arabia has warned the United Nations it has detected an “oil spot” near the decrepit, abandoned floating storage tanker Safer, a vessel that has been described repeatedly as a potential environmental time bomb in the Red Sea.

Saudi Arabia’s UN Ambassador Abdallah Al-Mouallimi warned this week that experts had discovered 50 km west of the Safer that “a pipeline attached to the vessel is suspected to have been separated from the stabilizers holding it to the bottom and is now floating on the surface of the sea.”

The FSO Safer, stranded for the past five years to the north of Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah, contains 157,000 tonnes of light crude oil. In May, seawater leaked into the abandoned FSO’s engine room, which was eventually patched by a team of divers.

In March 2015, in the early days of the Yemeni Civil War, Safer fell into the hands of Houthi forces. In the following years, her structural condition deteriorated significantly, leading to the risk of a catastrophic hull breach or explosion of oil vapors that would typically be suppressed by inert gas generated on board.