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Sat - 16 Mar 2019 - 04:10 PM ،،،

 The Independent Southern Group (ISG) held its second symposium on Yemen crisis, organized by Maat for Peace, Development,and Human Rights in the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

The group presented four papers; Stockholm Agreement, Human Rights in Sana'a, Health Situation in Yemen and Houthi Violations in Hodeidah.

Stockholm Agreement: Lawyer Saleh al-Noud confirmed that the exclusion of the real concerned parties in the conflict in Yemen and the lack of comprehensiveness in the agreement are among the main reasons for delaying its implementation, adding that no solution can be reached without the involvement of the Southerners, represented by the forces of liberation and independence, in particular the Southern Transitional Council.

Human Rights in Sana'a: Anis Abdullah reviewed the violations committed by Houthi militias against civilians in Sana'a and in the other regions under their control, focusing on the gross human rights violations against women, including abduction, arrest, murder and torture. He also touched on the Houthi secret prisons where the most egregious violations of international and humanitarian law are committed.

Health Situation in Yemen: Dr. Sameh al-Awlaki, pointed out the deteriorating health situation in Yemen and the suffering of its people due to the predominance of diseases and the lack of minimum requirements of medical services.

Houthi Violations in Hodeidah: Mr. Al-Janani presented a video documented in detail the violations committed by the pro-Iran Houthi coupist militias against the civilians in Hodeidah city, including killings, arrests, racial discrimination and planting thousands of mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in and around the city. He called on the United Nations and all the free nations to save Hodeidah, the most persecuted region in Yemen, from the grip of the Houthis.

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