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Fri - 15 Mar 2019 - 11:47 PM ،،،

 The second Cake Exhibition kicks off Saturday afternoon in Aden Mall, Crater city with the participation of 20 cake makers, organized by Global Shapers Community.

It's a cake decorating and baking show that aims to enables and encourages emerging entrepreneur to start and sustain their own projects in a positive and proactive move to fight unemployment and keep abreast of the global trend to encourage innovative start-ups.

The second edition of Aden Cake Exhibition also aims to shed light on cake makers in Aden, to encourage them and to make an appeal to extend the needed support for them.

 "The message of the Cake Exhibition is that creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship come from Aden despite the severely limited means, to compete at world-class levels," the organizers said, adding that "the event is for confirming that Aden is getting better and better and its people do not know the impossible."

image from the 1st Cake Exhibition