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Fri - 15 Mar 2019 - 05:15 PM ،،،

Aden Press/Special

 A senior military source disclosed to Aden Press that there is an Iranian- Houthi plan to target important sites in the liberated governorates including the capital  Aden by using drones.

According to the source, the plan included a Houthi operation by using  Iranian manufactured drones. It was reported that drones were seen hovering over the airspace between Alanad Military Camp and several other areas and cities including Aden.

The source said that the Houthi’s goal is to target vital and strategic sites. The source refused to reveal precise details about the sites that the Houthis intend to target. He added that uncovering those attempts require high concentration and efficiency to respond to such threats.

On Wednesday evening, the Arab coalition forces shot down a Houthi drone hovering over the coalition's camp in Hodeida in which the government team ’s redeployment Commission operates.

The Houthi militia’s failed attempt to target the headquarters of the government ’s team at the Redeployment Commission yesterday with rockets and today with booby-traps is an "Affirmation of their seriousness, in breaching the Sweden agreement, and their reluctance in signing for peace".

The Arab coalition announced on Friday that the Saudi air defence hit a Houthi drone before it targeted a residential area in Abha. The spokesman for the Arab Coalition Forces Col Turki al-Maliki said that the Saudi Royal air defence system spotted on Friday morning, an unidentified object in the direction of the  Residential areas in Abha City.

Al-Maliki asserted that the body was treated according to the rules of engagement and it was destroyed. Four residents were injured as a result of the falling debris and several vehicles were affected. 

Following examining the wrecked debris the coalition forces indicated that it was a hostile drone with  Iranian characteristics and specifications.