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Tue - 15 Sep 2020 - 04:20 PM ،،،

 A number of fighters of the Islah party's militias, the Yemeni arm of Muslim Brotherhood organization within Yemen's legitimacy, were killed and injured in a fresh armed clashes erupted on Tuesday on the fronts of Abyan with the southern armed forces.

Medical sources at Lawder hospital told the press on condition of anonymity that at least nine killed and injured fighters had been taken to hospital by ambulance and military vehicles coming from the frontlines.

For his part, the spokesman for the Abyan axis, Captain Muhammad al-Naqib affirmed that the southern armed forces managed to kill several Brotherhood's militants, including a battalion commander in a failed attack conducted against the liberated areas of Abyan.

Last Saturday, Suspicious movements of the pro-government Muslim Brotherhood's militias (Islah Party) have been detected by the southern army on the fronts of Abyan governorate said a military official.

Al-Naqib revealed in a statement that the Brotherhood's militias brought in new batches of al-Qaeda and Daesh militants to their positions in the central sector of the brovince.