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Sat - 05 Sep 2020 - 04:27 PM ،،،

 Head of the Southern Transitional Council Office for Foreign Relations in Europe, Ahmed Omer Bin Farid accused on Saturday, the Islah party, Yemen's Muslim Brotherhood wing within the legitimate government, of arresting 66 people in Shabwa over their participation in Thursday's rally in support for the STC leadership.

Bin Farid wrote on his official Twitter account that the STC's Human Rights Department documented the arrest of 66 individuals for their participation in pro-STC rallies that took place in al-Mawsina'a of Shabwa province last Thursday.

He made it clear that the local authority under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked governor Mohammed Saleh Bin Adyo arrested 66 participants and more than two dozen people reported as disappeared.

He also affirmed that the STC Office in Geneva made a complaint accompanied by all of the names of those who were arrested to the current session of the Human Rights Council and the others concerned international agencies in Switzerland.

Last Thursday, thousands of people gathered peacefully in al-Mawsina'a of Shabwa province to stage a mass rally to display their full support for the STC in defiance of all the repressive measures taken by the pro-government Muslim Brotherhood's militias against the Southerners in the province.

They strongly denounced the arbitrary actions of the Muslim Brotherhood's militias against the people's will, expressing their rejection of tampering with the wealth of Shabwa and the return of terrorist groups to invade the southern regions.

The demonstration reaffirmed that Shabwa is an essential part of the South and its people will always be along with all the Southerners aligned behind the political leadership of the STC.