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Sat - 23 Feb 2019 - 03:21 PM ،،،

 Under the support of Arab coalition warplanes, a large-scale counter-terrorism campaign was launched in the early hours of Saturday in Abyan governorate, led by the Security Belt Forces, under the command of Brigadier General Abdul Latif Al Sayed and Brigadier General Munir Al-Yafei, "Abu al-Yamamah".

The co-ordinated military operation targeted elements of al-Qaeda organization and their positions in several areas of Modiya district of Abyan governorate in a move to hunt down the terrorists in the rugged terrain and rocky cliffs in the estern parts of Modiya, where al-Qaeda used them as hideouts.

The counterterrorism campaign started after receiving intelligence information reports and important evidence on the presence of al-Qaeda cells in Wadi Omran of Modiya district, preparing for carrying out terrorist attacks in the liberated regions of the South.