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Thu - 14 Feb 2019 - 07:46 AM ،،،

 The Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia shelled repeatedly the positions of al-Amalika brigades in Hays district in Hodeidah.

Military field sources reported that the Houthi rebels launched mortar and artillery attacks against al-Amalika brigades taking advantage of the international cover and the commitment of the al-Amalika to the U.N.-mediated ceasefire.

The artillery units of the pro-Iran militants also intensified the shelling of al-Amalika brigades and the joint forces in a number of locations in al-Duraihimi district.

Military field sources said that the Houthi militia used tanks, mortars and heavy machine guns in their attacks on the legitimate armed forces in Hays and al-Duraihimi.

The Houthis intensified the shelling after having reinforced their troops on all fronts and entered heavy weapons under the cover of the humanitarian truce.

It's worth mentioning that three people were killed on Wednesday morning, by a Houthi-laid landmine in Hays district in Hodeidah.

Locals said that the two men and a woman of the same family were killed when their  motorcycle drove over a Houthi-laid landmine in al-Doh village.