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 Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi met in Riyadh on Monday, with UN envoy Martin Griffiths to discuss peace prospects and the implementation of Stockholm's Agreement, Saba News Agency reported.

Hadi affirmed the keenness of the legitimate government and Arab Coalition member states to complete peace process accusing the Houthis of violating the UN-mediated humanitarian truce.

The President stressed the importance of setting out specific dates to put implement Stockholm's Agreement and to be committed to.

“We need to have reassurance from the UN that the agreement reached in Sweden is fully implemented by the Houthis before a new round of talks can take place,”  Hadi told the UN envoy.

Hadi pointed out to the populations' suffering in Hodeidah due to Iran-allied Houthi militiamen who messed with humanitarian aids, smuggle Iranian weapons and devoted the resources to fund their war on Yemenis, besides recurrent attacks on International maritime navigation and threatening neighboring countries.

Saba news agency quoted the UN envoy as saying " We're working on evacuating the seaports, opening routes to Red Sea Silos and implementing Stockholm's Agreement's articles including prisoner-exchange and addressing humanitarian troubles, and the International Security Council will be detailed about the outcomes of these steps".

Griffiths planned to hold a further round of talks this year designed to make progress on a long-term political settlement to end the nearly four-year-long civil war.