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Tue - 25 Aug 2020 - 04:49 AM ،،،


 The Yemeni Alliance for Monitoring Human Rights or "Rasd Alliance" has said its field team monitored killing and injuring 366 children from 1-17 years in Taiz by Houthi militia's snipers in the period between 2015-2020.

The alliance made it clear in a report that the snipers of Houthi militia killed 130 children, 88 males and 42 females and injured 236 others, 170 males and 66 females in 16 districts.

The report considered the fires of snipers the forth weapon-after rockets, tanks and mines- in taking lives of civilians, including children.

The report pointed out that Houthi militia spread great numbers of its snipers in many buildings and establishments in Taiz's neighborhoods, on hills surrounding the city, and in some rural areas.

The alliance called for quick probe into killing the female child " Water Child Ruaiwada" by Houthi sniper while fetching water and investigate many other similar incidents and bringing snipers to justice.

Rasd Alliance called also local and international organizations to double efforts for monitoring and documenting incidents of killing children by Houthi militia in Taiz and unearthing reports to local and international public opinion.