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 The United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, will discuss on Monday with the new chief of the UN Committee for the Coordination of Redeployment in Hodeida, General Michael Lollesgaard, the proposed mechanism for the implementation of the redeployment agreement in Hodeida coastal city.

According to unnamed Yemeni diplomatic source, Sputnik news agency reported that Griffiths and Lollesgaard would discuss a proposal and mechanism for the deployment of the forces of the two parties to the Yemen's conflict in the province of Hodeida, west of Yemen, before discussing it with the leadership of the Houthis group.

The source said that the UN envoy is seeking to make field progress in the implementation of the Stockholm agreement signed between the parties to the dispute over Hodeida, so as to be able to prepare for a new round of peace talks between the conflicting parties in Yemen.

Meanwhile, a government official expressed to Asharq Al-Awsat his rejection to any efforts to fragment the implementation of December's Stockholm Agreement, including the withdrawal of Houthis from Hodeidah and its ports.

Under Secretary for the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights Majed Fadayel said Sunday that parties engaged in talks held in Jordan on a UN-sponsored prisoner exchange in Yemen’s war have submitted a primary list of 2,200 names that will be included in the swap.

Fadayel, a member of the Yemeni committee overseeing talks on the prisoner exchange, told Asharq Al-Awsat that the number is subject to a rise.

He said talks between the Yemeni warring parties are ongoing, except for a short pause during which the two sides return to their leaderships to discuss details requiring approval such as the rejection of Houthi militias to release the four figures included in UN Security Council Resolution 2216.