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Sun - 10 Feb 2019 - 02:08 PM ،،،

 The Yemeni army announced that it achieved a major victory against the Houthi militias in Alhishwa district in Sa’ada governorate, the main stronghold of the Houthis.

The commander of the 9th Brigade, Brigadier General Mohammad  Alamsali, said that the National army forces achieved great victories against the Houthi militias.

 Those victories were achieved despite the difficult terrain and towering heights because of its geographical location between  Sa'ada and Al-Jouf governorates, he said

Adding the fact that it is mountainous and overlooks  36 km of Sa’ada Sahara, adjacent to Al-Jouf, according to the Media centre of the Yemeni Armed forces.

He stressed liberating Alhishwa cut the supply lines of the Houthi militias in the al-Jawf fronts. It also secured the international route linking Sa'dah and Al-Jouf.

According to the  Yemeni army’s Media centre, the recent victories achieved by the Army forces opened the way towards the liberation of the entire Alhishwa directorate.

It is worth mentioning that Alhishwa was one of the most important directorates of Sa'ada Governorate adjacent to  Aljawf province.