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Tue - 30 Jun 2020 - 02:34 AM ،،،

 Yemen's Ambassador to Poland Mirfat Mujally discussed on Monday, with the Head of the Polish Senates the current situation in Yemen, pointing out to dangers of neglecting maintenance work to long stranded Safir Oil Tanker off Ra's Isa Port because of Houthi militia stubbornness and their rejection to receive UN team for inspecting dangers hit the tanker, Saba news reported.

Mujally touched upon Houthi militia's recent sectarian measures of imposing what is called the executive by-law of Zakat " the fifth portion'' which is a tax of 20 percent of all resources in their held areas to be paid to Houthi sect only.

For his part, Polish official expressed his country's concern over neglecting maintenance work to the tanker.

"Imposing any tax on any country in the world should be passed through legislations and laws in line with the constitution and the citizenship equality," he said, adding that what the militia does is against local laws and international accords and is considered condemned act.