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Mon - 29 Jun 2020 - 06:43 AM ،،،

 An expiring United Nations weapons embargo on Iran must remain in place to prevent it from “becoming the arms dealer of choice for rogue regimes and terrorist organizations around the world,” the US special representative to Iran said Sunday.

The UN arms embargo so far has stopped Iran from purchasing fighter jets, tanks, warships and other weaponry, but has failed to halt its smuggling of weapons into war zones. Despite that, Hook argued both an import and export ban on Tehran must remain in place to secure the wider Mideast.

"If we let it expire, you can be certain that what Iran has been doing in the dark, it will do in broad daylight and then some,” Brian Hook told Associated Press journalists in Dubai via videoconference.

“If we play by Iran''s rules, Iran wins,” Hook said. "It is a mafia tactic where people are intimidated into accepting a certain kind of behavior for fear of something far worse.” Hook maintained that the U.N.'s ban on Iran exporting weapons abroad also needed to remain in place, even though it has not prevented Tehran from smuggling arms. Iranian arms in particular have turned up in Yemen, where Tehran-backed Houthi rebels fight a Saudi-led coalition.

“I don''t think anyone believes that Iran''s behavior merits loosening restrictions on their ability to move weapons,” Hook said.

Hook made the comments while on a visit to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as part of a Mideast tour.