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Mon - 29 Jun 2020 - 02:37 AM ،،،

 The artillery units of the pro-government Muslim Brotherhood's militias unleashed in the early hours of Monday, a barrage of heavy artillery into the locations under the control of the southern armed forces in the southern province of Abyan, no casualties were reported so far.

The spokesman for the Abyan axis, Captain Muhammad al-Naqib said in a statement that the terrorist militias of the Muslim Brotherhood continued their artillery bombardment against the positions of the southern forces in flagrant violations and grave breaches of the ceasefire called for by the Arab Coalition and in contrary to the president Hadi's speech in which he ordered to halt the military operations in the province,.

Captain Muhammad al-Naqib confirmed that the southern armed forces have responded strongly to the offensive.

Earlier, al-Naqib revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood's militias brought more military reinforcements, including terrorist fighters of al-Qaeda from Shabwa and Hadramout to Abyan.