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Mon - 29 Jun 2020 - 01:34 AM ،،،

 Dozens of pro-Iran Houthi rebels, including senior field commanders, were killed and many more were injured in long hours of fierce fighting erupted on Sunday, with the southern joint forces in the northwest of al-Dhale.

The clashes broke out along the front lines in the northeastern parts of al-Hasha district, involving the use of heavy military equipment.

According to military field sources the fighting was the most violent to take place over the recent period.

The spokesman for the al-Dhale axis, Fouad Jabbari told the press that the violent confrontation occurred following a large-scale attack conducted by the Iranian-backed Houthi putschist militia against the southern joint forces in a bid to regain lost ground in the liberated areas of al-Dhale.

"The southern forces managed to drive the enemy back, the Houthis suffered painful blows and serious human and material losses" Jabbari said, adding that their dead bodies are still scattered over the ground.

It's worth mentioning that the southern forces managed to foil a number of Houthi infiltration attempts along the line of contact in the north of al-Dhale during the past period.