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Sat - 27 Jun 2020 - 04:16 PM ،،،

 Hundreds poured into the streets of al-Sa'eed in Shabwa on Saturday to protest against the crimes committed by the Muslim Brotherhood's militias (Islah Party) against the inhabitants of Shabwa.
The participants declared their solidarity with the people in Jardan and Nissab districts where the Brotherhood's militias have indiscriminately used heavy weapons to target innocent people, mostly women and children.

The protestors carried the national flag of the South and portraits of the president of the Southern Transitional Council, Aidroos Al-Zubaidi and shouted slogans against Islah party.

They demanded the return of the deluded children who had been sent to fight on Abyan fronts, calling on the Arab Coalition to protect Shabwa from the Brotherhood's militias and to end the arbitrary arrests, crackdown on the Southerners, including southern officials, senior tribal figures and even children.

Since its occupation of Shabwa governorate, the terrorist militias of Islah were involved in abducting and killing a number of civilians and military personnel.

Tension rose in a number of regions in the province following the increasing crimes and armed assaults against the inhabitants.