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Mon - 22 Jun 2020 - 03:56 PM ،،،

 Hundreds of people staged a demonstration in al-Mukalla, the capital of the oil-rich province of Hadramout on Monday, to express their support for the self-administration of the South, calling for its implementation.

The demonstration also displayed the people's anger over the government corruption, deterioration of public services, especially in the areas of electric-power production amid unbearably hot summer and the dramatic increases in the prices of food and oil.

They raised the national flags of the South and portraits of the STC leaders, carrying banners against  corruption and asset looting in the province.

The crowd also chanted slogans against the Yemeni legitimacy, calling for its departure, affirming at the same time that Hadramout is an essential part of the South.

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council declared a state of public emergency in Aden and all the southern governorates and it announced self-administration of the South, beginning from Saturday 25 April 2020.

In its statement, the STC Presidency called on all the Southerners to support the STC leadership to implement the procedures for the self-administration of the South.