Local news

Sat - 13 Jun 2020 - 01:31 AM ،،،

 Violent clashes erupted in Nisab city of Shabwa governorate on Friday night between the members of the southern resistance and the pro-government Muslim Brotherhood's militias (Islah Party), local news websites reported.

According to field sources, the fighting broke out after the brutal shelling of the residential areas in Nisab city by the pro-government forces.

Earleir, the members of the southern resistance seized control of the Government complex in the city.

On Thursday, armed clashes erupted in Jardan district of Shabwa governorate between tribal forces and the Brotherhood's militias, resulting in the death of at least seven fighters of the militias.

Tension rose in a number of regions in Shabwa following the increasing crimes and armed assaults against the inhabitants of the province.