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Sun - 03 Feb 2019 - 11:09 PM ،،،

 Heah of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadramout governorate, Dr. Mohammed Jaafar bin Sheikh Abu Bakr affirmed the readiness of al-Mukalla city to host the second session of the STC National Assembly on Saturday, 16 February 2019.

Dr. Mohammed said that the necessary preparations for the big event have been accomplished and the most important programs and reports to be discussed at the session are all ready.

He added that the importance of the second session resides in its agenda that meant to lay the essential foundations of the functional method of the STC National Assembly all over the South that gradually restores itself.

He pointed out that the most main topics on the agenda are the features of the new southern state, amending the bylaws of the STC National Assembly, evaluation of last year's plan, discussing and approving the 2019 Plan and budget are among others.