Local news

Wed - 10 Jun 2020 - 01:07 AM ،،،

The southern armed forces have completely secured the city of Ji'ar in the south of the Abyan Governorate.

The operation to secure the whole city was achieved on Tuesday, following an infiltration attempt into Ji'ar last Sunday, by the pro-government Muslim Brotherhood's militias where the southern armed forces inflicted heavy human and material losses on them.

Earlier, the spokesman for the Abyan axis, Captain Muhammad al-Naqib called on the Arab Coalition to take a clear stance on the continued violations of the truce and Riyadh Agreement by the Brotherhood's militias.

Al-Naqib revealed in his statement that more heavily armed reinforcements will be sent from Aden and Lahj to support the southern forces in their fight against the Muslim Brotherhood's militias and Al-Qaeda in Abyan.