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Thu - 04 Jun 2020 - 03:21 PM ،،،

 Hundreds of people attended on Thursday, the funeral of the photographer and journalist, Nabil Hasan Al-Qaiti in Aden.

The mourners performed the prayers at Al-Rahman mosque in al-Mansoura before holding the burial services in al-Radhwan cemetery of al-Memdara district.

The Southern and international photographer Nabil Al-Qaiti was assassinated on Tuesday morning by unknown gunmen who opened heavy fire and killed him near his house in Dar Saad on the outskirts of Aden.

The member of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Lufti Shatara said "Al-Qaiti exposed the lies of the enemies of the South and documented their defeats, as a consequence, they got rid of him  in another cowardly operation."

Southern activists accused Islah party (Yemeni branch of Muslim Brotherhood) and al-Qaeda of assassinating him.

"We are shocked by the senseless killing of a courageous journalist doing his job despite threats and intimidation," said AFP's Global News Director Phil Chetwynd.