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Wed - 03 Jun 2020 - 02:57 AM ،،،

 Eva zu Beck is an adventure traveler who gained her following by documenting her travels to destinations such as Syria and Pakistan. She landed in Socotra Island, Yemen, on March 11, to run the remote island's first marathon.

Shortly after the race, she and her fellow runners were informed that they had to leave immediately, as the coronavirus pandemic was spreading and countries around the world were closing their borders. She decided to stay. Little did she know she would spend three months on the island.

On March 11, Zu Beck and a group of about 40 runners from all corners of the world descended on Socotra for the race, planning to stay until at least March 18 since flights to the island were only once weekly, from Cairo, Egypt.

A few days after the race, however, they were all awakened in the middle of the night and encouraged to leave as soon as possible: The island was closing its borders. This was on March 15. Zu Beck says that most of the people in her group chose to leave then, but that she decided to stay, along with four others.

Zu Beck had visited the island once before, in 2019.

"I figured I love the island, it's safe to stay there, and my local friends were very encouraging of the idea to just stay and wait out," she said, adding that she thought it would be a good time to practice her Arabic and participate in a few local projects to support the community. She took the opportunity as a sign.

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