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Tue - 02 Jun 2020 - 08:31 PM ،،،


 Germany announced on Tuesday a €125 million ($140 million) humanitarian relief package for Yemen.

The announcement was made during a United Nations virtual conference hosted by Saudi Arabia in the hopes of raising roughly €2.15 billion to counter funding shortages for aid operations in the Middle Eastern country.

The war-torn country, which has also been hit by a fast-spreading coronavirus outbreak, will receive the funds after the Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, Niels Annen, pledged during the virtual donor conference:

"It is one of the biggest and most serious man-made humanitarian crises. COVID-19 might cause further devastation," said Annen. "Therefore, Germany is providing €125 million in humanitarian aid."

Germany was one of a number of countries making substantial donations on Tuesday, with the United Kingdom pledging �160 million (€180 million, $200 million) in humanitarian aid.