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Mon - 01 Jun 2020 - 05:18 PM ،،،

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 The Iran-backed Houthi militia keeps concealing the real number of Covid-19 infections in the areas it controls in Yemen, even as the disease is spreading like wildfire in these areas.

The militia has also given orders to the hospitals to get rid of patients who are not affiliated to it.


The Houthis are using the aid sent by the World Health Organization (WHO) to Yemen in advancing their own agenda.

The organization handed over 100 ambulances to the Houthis in April so that they would distribute them to the hospitals. However, the militia took the ambulances for itself, even as the hospitals were badly in need of them.

This comes at a time there is a growing number of Covid-19 infections in Yemeni capital Sana'a and the other cities controlled by the Houthis. Nevertheless, the Houthis keep stealing the aid sent by international organizations to these cities.

Medical facilities have been complaining against the lack of equipped vehicles to carry infected people to the hospitals.

Yemeni activists have been sharing videos of Houthi militia members driving vehicles sent to Yemen by WHO.


On May 30, WHO condemned the use by the Houthis of medical aid for non-medical purposes. This came after the Yemeni activists published videos of the Houthis driving WHO-sent vehicles on the streets of a number of Yemeni cities.

WHO worked to provide Yemen with life-saving equipment, WHO's office in Yemen wrote on Twitter.

It condemned the use of aid for non-medical purposes, accusing the Houthis of violating the international humanitarian law.

Growing tension

Tensions are growing between the WHO and the Houthis because of the latter's refusal to declare the real number of Covid-19 patients in the areas they control.

The international organization faulted the Houthis in failing to tell ordinary people the truths about the prevalence of the disease so that they can take enough precautionary measures.