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Sat - 23 May 2020 - 11:36 PM ،،،

 Senior military commanders of the pro-government Brotherhood's militias (Islah Party) were killed on Saturday, in renewed clashes with the southern armed forces, including the use of heavy weapons, on the fronts of Suqra and al-Dhoriya in Abyan governorate.

Military field sources confirmed the killing of the commander of the 153rd Infantry Brigade, Colonel Mohammed Saleh Al-Aqili, field commander, Colonel Mohammed Salem Al-Ayashi and commander, Colonel Hussein Al-Osaimi Al-Hashidi along with a number of Islahi militants in the armed confrontations that broke out between the southern armed forces and the Islah's militias in the province.

The same sources added that the Islah's militias suffered heavy human and material losses as many of their fighters escaped the battlefield.

The clashes resumed in Shuqra after two days of cautious calm on all the fronts of Abyan, including the areas of Sheikh Salem and Qarn al-Kalassi.