Local news

Thu - 21 May 2020 - 04:55 AM ،،،

 The southern resistance launched on Wednesday, a fresh military attack on an Islah-run military camp in the western side of al-Mahfed district in Abyan province.

At least one fighter of the Islah's militia has been killed and many more injured in addition to capturing three gunmen along with their weapons and destroying a military vehicle in the suprise attack on the camp.

Earlier the same day, the southern resistance managed to seize control of the Islah-run camp of Dhaiman, inflicting heavy casualties and considerable material damage on the Muslim Brotherhood's militias and capturing several Islahi fighters, after hours of fierce fighting between the two sides.

It's worth mentioning that the southern resistance vowed in a statement, to cleanse the province of all the checkpoints and military locations that have been newly created by the Muslim Brotherhood's militias.