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Sat - 16 May 2020 - 04:14 AM ،،،

 The southern armed forces repulsed in the early hours of Saturday, an attack launched on their positions by the Islah's militias in al-Tariya, in the north of Zinjibar the capital of Abyan governorate.

Military field sources said that the militias of the Muslim Brotherhood carried out a desperate attack on the locations under the control of the southern forces in a bid to retake lost ground in al-Tariya area in the north of Zinjibar.

After three hours of fierce clashes erupted between the two sides, the southern forces managed to repulse the enemy attack, inflicting heavy human and material losses on them, the same sources added.

On Friday, heavy fighting broke out in the vicinity of Shuqra of Abyan province between between the southern armed forces and the pro-government Muslim Brotherhood's militias.

The Brotherhood's militias carried out a large military build-up with unprecedented reinforcements in Shouqra, including hundreds of fighters brought from the northern governorates of al-Jawf and Marib, along with tanks, armored vehicles and other military equipment in a bid to invade the southern capital Aden.