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 Aden security chief, Major General Shalal Ali Shaya revealed for the first time, what's going on behind the scenes of the hunger strike at Bir Ahmed prison in Aden, accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of being behind these strikes.

In an interview with Abu Dhabi TV, Mag. Gen. Shalal said that the prison strike in Aden is politicized and it was ignited by the Muslim Brotherhood, adding that the files of the inmates have been submitted to the concerned bodies, including the Public Prosecutor's Office, proving illegitimacy of the strike.

The Muslim Brotherhood-linked news sites and activists circulated rumors on a prisoner strike in Aden in an attempt to target the UAE and security efforts in the capital.

Shalal added that the terrorist of Abu Khreisa who attacked and killed the guard of the Faculty of Arts in Aden, went on hunger strike as the Muslim Brotherhood and its arm in Yemen, Islah party stand in solidarity with him.

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