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Mon - 14 Jan 2019 - 06:26 PM ،،،

 President of the Southern Transitional Council, Maj. Gen. Aidroos Qaseem Al-Zubaidi sent a message to the participants in the 40 days memorial service of the late Zahra Saleh, organized today in Aden by the STC National Assembly, attended by the members of the Presidency of the Council, heads of the STC departments, relatives, friends and loved ones.

President Al-Zubaidi saluted the participants and praised the late Zahra Saleh. He said the she proceeded in leaps and bounds in all the arenas and fields of struggle amd made great sacrifices to achieve the aspirations of the people in the South.

President Al-Zubaidi affirmed in his message that the Southern Transitional Council is always committed to the pledge made to the Southerners on restoring independence and sovereignty of the South.

The southern struggler Zahra Saleh passed away on Thursday 20. November 2018, at hospital in Cairo where she was receiving medical treatment at the expense of the Southern Transitional Council.

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