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Sun - 13 Jan 2019 - 03:08 PM ،،،


  A leading figure in the Houthi militias' ranks and one of the most wanted by the Arab Coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen, Hassan Zaid, called for the expulsion of Dutch General Patrick Cammaert from Hodeidah and its ports.

Zaid took to Facebook to state that Cammaert is trying to hand over the city and its ports to the coalition.

While observers believe it is an attempt by the Houthis to cover up its leaders’ theft of international food aid, the Houthis accused in a statement the United Nations of inaction and dormancy regarding the Yemeni people’s economic state.

Meanwhile, the Houthis have been accused of blocking the payment of government employees' salaries for the past 28 months. The World Food Programme had also said its monitors had gathered photographic and other evidence of trucks illicitly removing food from designated food distribution centers and local officials falsifying records and manipulating the selection of beneficiaries.