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Thu - 10 Jan 2019 - 12:40 AM ،،،


 Prime Minister Mo'een Abdulmalik has directed the management of Aden Free Zone to improve and activate economic and investment activities via activating its authority for attracting investment and local and foreign capitals.

In his meeting with leaderships of the Free Zone and the General Authority for Lands, Area and Urban Planning on Wednesday, a number of issues associated with activities of the free zone and lands' problems, as well as claims of its ownership by influential people were addressed.

He directed the leadership of the free zone to take necessary and strict measures against influential and outlaw people who made illegal construction on the state's lands and the free zone.

He pointed out that the government intends to activate economic and investment domains through activating the authority of Aden Free Zone.

The Prime Minister studied the report provided by the free zone authority representative on the performance of the authority, the nature of the investment projects and challenges hindering the activities of the free zone, led by claims of ownership by influential people.

He stressed the national responsibilities and the role of the authority on providing services, improving its investment income and reviving trade activity for generating national economy income and attracting investments.