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 Immediately upon the start of the ceasefire announced by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, the Brotherhood has begun trying to bring together elements of other terrorist organizations such as ISIS and al-Qaeda to launch terrorist operations in the country suffering from security, political and social instability.

The Brotherhood’s recent moves and its offering to merge with other terrorist organizations was revealed by several tweets from the Yemeni Islah Party, the political arm of the Brotherhood in Yemen, and came specifically after the return of Brotherhood leader Abdul Rahman al-Sharif to Yemen on Tuesday, April 28, accompanied by his wife.


Terrorist organizations such as the Brotherhood, al-Qaeda and ISIS have called for the idea of ​​integrating due to the announcement of the Saudi-led international coalition that the ceasefire was taking effect on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan, in addition to the military victories that the coalition had achieved on the ground during recently.

According to the Yemeni newspaper Almashhad Alyemeni, the return of the Brotherhood leaders to Yemen came after a coordination campaign with the Iranian-supported Houthi leaders, but no intention to carry out terrorist operations was clearly announced.

The report referred to the pro-Iranian Houthi group, which facilitated the merger of Brotherhood elements with other organizations such as al-Qaeda and ISIS in order to work together in coordination.

Yemeni journalist Salah bin Laghbar had revealed that members of al-Qaeda and ISIS from Marib and Al-Bayda had arrived in Qarn al-Kallassi and Al-Arqoub in the governorate of Abyan.

There have been suspicious movements in the area, with weapons and ammunition being distributed, Laghbar said, adding that foreign figures have also emerged who are conducting jihadist lectures. “According to my sources, there are reports of preparations for some action, perhaps major terrorist operations,” he revealed.

Meanwhile, the Almashhad Alaraby website uncovered documents showing the extent of the close connection between the leaders of the Brotherhood's Islah Party in Taiz with terrorist organizations such as Ansar al-Sharia, al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The documents consisted of letters exchanged between Brotherhood leaders in Taiz, including a document from Ansar al-Sharia leader Zia Al-Ahd Al-Ahdal, planning to participate in kidnapping civilians and military personnel for ransom. He also requested the release of some terrorist elements detained in Yemeni prisons.