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Thu - 30 Apr 2020 - 12:20 AM ،،،

 The Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia targeted residential areas and farms in al-Jabaliya of al-Tuhita district and in Hays in the south of Hodeidah governorate.

Local sources told reporters that the Houthi rebels continued to indiscriminately fire, with heavy machine guns, at the residential neighborhoods and farms of al-Jabaliya, causing a state of fear and panic among the villagers, mostly women and children, no casualties reported.

The Houthi militants also used heavy machine guns and mortars to brutally target the people's homes in the district of Hays, al-Amalika Media Centre said on Wednesday.

The same source added that many people had been forced to leave their homes to remote areas to flee the daily heavy shelling of the pro-Iran rebels which poses a serious threat to innocent elderly, women and children in al-Tuhita and other districts.