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Sun - 26 Apr 2020 - 02:37 AM ،،،

 The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council declared a state of public emergency in Aden and all the southern governorates and it announced self-administration of the South, beginning from Saturday 25 April 2020.

In its statement, the STC Presidency called on all the Southerners to support the STC leadership to implement the procedures for the self-administration of the South.

The STC Presidency gave its orders to create oversight committees to monitor the functioning of public institutions and facilities and to fight corruption in central and local bodies in coordination with the President of the National Assembly and the heads of the local STC leaderships in all the southern governorates.

The statement affirmed that the economic, legal, military and security committees of the STC shall lead the implementation of the self-administration in all the public institutions and facilities in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, without any conflict with the people's interest.

All the southern governors and officials shall remain in their posts to achieve their tasks in compatibility with the interests of the people, the statement read.

The STC Presidency also called on the Arab Coalition and the international community to support the procedures for the self-administration of the South so as to ensure stability, security and order, in addition to combat terrorism and maintain international peace and security.