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Fri - 24 Apr 2020 - 02:51 AM ،،،

President of the Southern Transitional Council Aidiros Qassem Al-Zubaidi, addressed the great southern people, the leadership and the people of the Arab coalition countries and congratulated them on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, wishing them all a blessed month.

The leadership of the STC followed the latest unfortunate natural disaster in Aden ,floods caused great devastation and destruction and loss of lives, therefore, the Council extends its sincere condolences to the families of the victims. The emergency committees carried out humanitarian work and provided relief to those who need help. The STC called the Arab Coalition countries, the International Community and organizations to intervene immediately as the situation requires a regional, international humanitarian response.

The  STC praised the steady and firm position of the southern people and the southern resistance. It confirmed that it supports the escalation measures led by the people and the resistance to protect the southerners' achievement.

The STC pledged at its foundation that it will not deviate from its southern national declaration for the following reasons :

•    The Riyadh Agreement stipulated the return of the Prime Minister alone according to the objectives defined in the agreement; the government did not commit to the agreement, many ministers, undersecretaries and officials who were associated with the August 2019 events returned. The STC turned a blind eye in hope that they will provide public services. The STC informed the Arab coalition of the government’s infringement and it did not fulfil the tasks that were stipulated in the terms of the Riyadh Agreement.

•    The STC was a partner and signed the Riyadh agreement, therefor the party that signed the agreement had to return to implement the terms of the agreement, this was not the case, members of the Presidency, the chairman and members of the STC's negotiations team and Director of Aden security, Commander of Counter-Terrorism team in the South, Major General Shalal Ali Shaya, were all prevented from returning to Aden on March 11, 2020. The STC sent an official letter to the Arab coalition asking them to clarify the reasons for not allowing the STC team to return but there was no response.

•     In the last three years, the southern people suffered due to the deliberate scourge of torture by successive legitimate governments (systematic policy of collective punishment), the policy of starvation and exclusion and continued since 1994,the complete absence of development and reconstruction programs, in addition to exploiting the country's resources and public funds. The southern people did not receive any form of humanitarian support which the previous corrupt governments obtained from the International Community.

•    The STC handed all the institutions over to the government but it did not fulfil the obligations of the Riyadh Agreement, particularly concerning providing public services, disbursing salaries and wages, and meeting the peoples’ needs and concerns.

•    The government did not respond to any measures in the fight against the COVID 19 epidemic, it did nor prepare a special quarantine centre or specialist equipment to address the threat of the epidemic in a healthy environment. The most basic elements of health care are not available.

•    The government's apparent failure to deal with the recent natural disaster as well as its disregard for the lives and dignity of the people, contrary to what was apparent in the government’s direct attention in Yemen's Marib.

•    The legitimacy continued to systematically backup the Brotherhood militias’ move towards Shabwa, Abyan and Aden.

•    The Yemeni government’s forces violated and arrested public members in Shabwa, Abyan, Hadhramaut Valley, Al-Mahra and Socotra

•    According to the Riyadh Agreement, the current government is considered illegitimate and the politics of the agreement must be implemented. The Yemeni government blocked all ways to implement that part of the agreement, while the Arab coalition did not challenge them.

•    The Southern Transitional Council reiterates that it sent several letters to the leadership of the Arab Coalition to inform them that the leadership of the STC must return to Aden. The most recent letter sent was on Sunday when the leadership of the STC informed the brothers in Saudi Arabia during a televised meeting between the President of the Southern Transitional Council and His Excellency the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the Republic of Yemen. There were many previous relevant meetings. They were also asked to intervene to stop the Yemeni Government from disrespecting the lives and dignity of its citizens.

The southern people will not stand idle in the face of systematic torture against them.

Al Zubaidi praised the brave southern forces who are in the fronts facing the Iranian supported Houthi militias, he also honoured the security forces that operate solely to secure the capital Aden and the surrounding governorates as well as fighting terrorism and chaos. The STC also assured that it stands firmly side by side with the leadership of the Arab coalition to secure the region from all threats and dangers.

The statement concluded that the STC extends its hands to peace and stressed that it is important to implement the Riyadh Agreement without being selective. The STC affirms that it is beside the great southern people who are fighting for their national goals, which will not, in any way, be achieved under the threat of the governments’ corruption and its attempts to intensify the peoples suffering.