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Tue - 24 Mar 2020 - 08:34 PM ،،،


 The Resident Representative of the World Health Organization in Yemen, Altaf Musani, reiterated that no cases of the new Corona virus (Covid 19) were recorded in Yemen.

"Yemen is still free from the Coruna virus, as of Monday evening," Musani said in an information briefing on the latest developments in the virus that has swept 199 countries around the world.

"We closely follow all the rumors that spread on social media, and confirm the rapid response teams in the field, which verify all these rumors, there are no cases," Musani added.

"We feel happy and satisfied because we were able to present the full truth to you about the Corona virus," he added. "We thank all health workers who are working in the field in an effort to keep the situation intact and are making great efforts."

The World Health Representative in Yemen thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Britain, who contributed actively in providing facilities for the landing of the plane carrying requirements for Corona virus at Aden airport yesterday evening.

He pointed out that the plane carried the additional solutions necessary to check the Corona virus, the means of protection for health workers in the field, and many humanitarian assistance that enable us to carry out our duties.