Local news

Tue - 24 Mar 2020 - 07:43 PM ،،،

 The militants of Islah Party* suffered heavy casualties and material losses in a surprise attack launched by the southern resistance in the governorate of Shabwa on Tuesday.

Well informed local sources said that the attack was carried out by the southern resistance on a location held by the Muslim Brotherhood-linked militias in Markha district of Shabwa governorate.

In another development, a well-executed ambush set by the resistance against armed combat vehicles of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups in Haban district of Shabwa, the operation resulted in destroying three vehicles and killing a number of the Islah's militants.

Earleir on the same day, the southern resistance targeted four Islah's armed combat vehicles in al-Mahfed district of Abyan governorate, a number of Islahi militants were killed and injured in the operation.

*Islah Party is the Muslim Brotherhood arm in the Yemeni legitimate government.