Local news

Sun - 22 Mar 2020 - 03:54 PM ،،،

 Hundreds of people staged a demonstration on Sunday in al-Mahfed district of Abyan governorate, to display their support for the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and the southern armed forces.

The peaceful demonstrators took to the main street of al-Mahfed, raising the flags of the South and portraits of their prisoners. They also carried banners, placards and slogans reflect their solidarity with the STC and the southern forces in raising their military readiness and keeping a high level of alert to defend the South from the danger that could menace its security and stability.

The participants expressed their rejection of the return, under any pretext, of Muslim Brotherhood-linked militias within the legitimacy to their district, affirming their readiness to defend the South.

They called on the Arab Coalition countries to exercise pressure on the Yemeni legitimacy to release all the prisoners held in Islah Party's prisons.